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Report on our Visit to Brighton Congress Hall Saturday 16th June 2012


A varied programme of music from the South London Fellowship Band was warmly received by those who attended the Saturday evening at Brighton Congress Hall.  The band opened with the march ‘Southern Australia’ and closed with ‘Mighty to Save’; in between they presented a variety of items including ‘Happiness and Harmony’, ‘The Lost Chord’, ‘Laudate Dominum’ and ‘Songs of the Morning’.  Contrasting items included ‘A Glenn Miller Collection’ and ‘Thornbury’.  During the evening the band also sang two contrasting items – the rousing ‘Sound the Battle Cry’ and the thought-provoking ‘By the Way of the Cross’.  Solo items were provided by Alan Moyse (Cornet) with ‘Tucker’; Les Swift with the vocal solo ‘You Raise Me Up’ and Adrian Horwood (Euphonium), on his first engagement as a member of the band, played ‘Song of the Brother’.

Comments received from those present included ‘I reluctantly accepted the invitation to attend, not knowing what to expect, and thought it was a marvellous evening with such a variety of music for all tastes’ and another said that ‘despite admitting to not being a band lover I accepted the invitation to come and thought it was a fantastic evening’.  Others said that they had been deeply moved by the music and impressed by the bands’ fellowship and presentation.
Report by Maurice Horwood

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