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Report on our visit to Ramsgate 18th May 2013

An entertaining evening was enjoyed by all who attended the programme given by the South London Fellowship Band when they came to Ramsgate. The variety of items ensured that there was something for everyone. The inclusion of a powerpoint presentation enhanced the evening, especially for those who were unfamiliar with some of the music.

The band commenced the evening with the popular march ‘Praise’, and opened the second half of the programme with the vintage march ‘The Liberator’.

The evening contained a vocal solo (Les Swift – ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’), the male voice item ‘You’re Never Too Far From God’ and several accomplished brass soloists (Adrian Horwood – ‘Euphony’; Keith Hutchinson – ‘I’d Rather Have Jesus’; Stuart Gilbert – ‘My Story and Song’), and the trombone section contributed ‘The Cleansing Power’.

The item ‘Fantasia for Children’ (James Wright) took many back to their Sunday school days of yesteryear as they enjoyed joining in with the actions of the choruses. Other items during this varied programme included ‘The Golden Pen’, ‘Variations on Laudate Dominum’, ‘A London Celebration’ and ‘How Great Thou Art’.

Moments of devotion and reflection were included in ‘Spirit of the Living God’ and ‘His Provision’.

Major John Watson
Corps Officer
Ramsgate Citadel

Opening March 'Praise'

The opening march “Praise”

Band singing 'You're Never Too Far From God'

The Band singing “You’re Never Too Far From God”

Trombone section playing 'The Cleansing Power'

The Trombone section playing “The Cleansing Power”