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Christmas 2017

Christmas activities with SLFB
2017 has been a busy, exciting and occasionally sad year for the band as can be seen from the events reported on elsewhere on this website.
After the final rehearsal for the year at the end of November, there have been 2 Christmas activities undertaken, alongside the many ‘Corps’ activities, each of a very worthwhile nature which, we hope and pray, have brought something of the true Christmas message to the people who have listened.

Carolling in Kent
The first was a carol playing/collecting marathon by about a dozen of us for five hours (we did have a half hour break!) in the John Lewis store at Bluewater in Kent.  Our efforts were well received by shoppers and staff alike, many of whom came and spoke to us, expressed appreciation and chose a carol. The band was supported by a few collectors, including the Divisional Commander for the area Major Mark Herbert.
A good amount of money was donated by customers of the store and the total will be forwarded to the Salvation Army’s South East DHQ where once again we know it will be put to excellent use in supporting under privileged children attend SA summer camp.
Many thanks to everyone who made the day such a success. This again proved to be a special  opportunity to present Christmas music to remind those who were shopping that Christ still has a very firm place at the centre of Christmas.

Dickens evening in Penge
The band spent an enjoyable evening crafted by one of our members, Roger Gadsden, in St John’s Church, Penge.
Excellent narrators drew on Dickens’ Scrooge to provide readings interposed with items from the band who rose manfully to the challenge of reading the smallest print in an SA publication (the green book) in less than perfect lighting!
Many favourite carols were used during the event as well as some standard SA Christmas repertoire such as The shining star, The Joy of Christmas, Sweet little Jesus boy and The Everlasting Light.

Two very worthwhile engagements and thanks to all who organised them and fitted them in during the very busy Christmas schedule.

We wish all our members, former members, supporters and their families a very happy and God blessed Christmas and look forward to meeting together again during 2018.