2019 Easter Meditation


Easter Meditation – Monday 15 April



It was an expectant audience who gathered at Royal Tunbridge Wells on the Monday evening of Holy week for an Easter Meditation by the Royal Tunbridge Wells Songsters and South London Fellowship Band.

Anticipation was soon fulfilled and as the evening enfolded us in the timeless beauty and challenge of the melodies and words, it was indeed a time of rich blessing.

The Band opened the evening with the beautiful ”A special moment” and throughout the evening the familiar strains of “I know a fount where sins are washed away, “There’s a wonder working power in the blood of Calvary “and “For our transgressions”, brought us all again to the foot of the cross. The Songsters sang, “For God so loved the world” and “Wondrous cross “which enhanced the sensitive playing of the band.

The evening flowed quietly and unannounced in a sense of deep worship and was greatly enhanced by the superb graphics, which came before us enabling us all to share again the beautiful words to the melodies and evoked how we feel at this time. The evening was skillfully and quietly led by Major Val Mylechreest who challenged us to ask ourselves what Jesus sees as He looks at us. She reminded us that He sees us just as we are and the band then played the beautiful “Just as I am “.

Crosses had been placed on the Holiness table and throughout the evening many of the band, songsters and congregation quietly came forward and took one.

The meeting closed with the Songsters singing, “Tell all the people” challenging us all to share the wonderful message of Salvation for all.

Marion Shepherd